Artwork Collection

This is a compilation of most of my major ‘newer’ artwork, posted or not posted in my blog. Look under the different blog entry categories if you want to know what they are about. If they don’t have their own category, they are most likely under ‘Misc Works’. May not be as updated as my front page.


Character Design

Fel Trident and Trident Lord
Fel Scythe and Scythe Baron
Warlock, Lich and Archlich
Daemon Knight
Infernal Chariot
Nether Phalanx

Vio de Tune

Cliona Ward
Character Design
Character Design Shaded


‘Scissor Girl’
Preliminary Design
Design 1
Design 2
Design 3

Chromatic Wars

Ouisa Eberstark
Ouisa with Liebe and Freud


The Princess
Rough Design

Jewel of the Stars

Prototype Designs

Kumiho Concept Design (first prototype of Hoshi-no-Tamaki)
Shiori Character Design (second prototype Hoshi-no-Tamaki)

Hoshi-no-Tamaki Character Art
Hoshi-no-Tamaki Lineart 1
Hoshi-no-Tamaki Lineart 2
Hoshi-no-Tamaki Colour Scheme
HnT + Crane
Experimental Portrait Painting

General Concept Art
Rough Group Designs

~Crescencia of the Dual Staves~

Crescencia Character Lineart
Crescencia Facial Expressions Sketches
Crescencia General Concept Drawing

Battle Maid Chronicles

Erika Rosenthal
Erika 1
Erika 2
Erika 3 – Full Apron Version, new design
Erika 4
Erika 5
Erika 5 Alternate Boots
Erika Colour Schemes
Erika More Colour Schemes
Combat Sword

Lord Francoise vi Bourgeois von Burgundy di Achtung XIII
Lord 1
Lord 2

Rival Butler
Rival 1
Rival 2
Rival 3
Rival New Design

The Butcher
Butcher 1
Butcher 2

Attic Poltergeist
Geist 1

General Outline
Princess Group 1
Princess Group 2
School Life
Erika Bunny Style
Demon Team
Persona 3 Cosplay
Custom Bunny Suit
Custom Bunny Suit Pose
Erika vs Butler Fight Scene
Erika and Mystery Girl X Christmas 09
Negligee Erika, Perspective Drawing
Custom Bunny for 2011

Papillon Brigade Spinoff
Officer Erika 1
Officer Erika 2

Space Voyagers Gallant

Unit 1
Proto Design
New Age Design

Unit 2
Proto Design
New Age Design

Unit 3
Proto Design
Proto Design 2
Experiment 1
Experiment 2

Ex-Unit 4 Design, used as a base for final Unit 3
New Age Final

Unit 4
Experimental Unit 3 Design, later used as the base for Unit 4
Rough Unit 4 Final Design
Unit 4 Final Design

Unit 5
Unit 5 Concept Ideas
New Age Unit 5 Design
New Age Unit 5 in Action

Pilot 2
Pilot 2 Concept Design

Pilot 3

Pilot 3 Concept Design
More Pilot 3

Earth Defender TechnoGothLoli Miori

Initial Miori Design in Action
Initial Miori Design 2
Final Miori Design

Weapons Concepts
Weapons 1
Weapons 2
Mega Bazooka Launcher


Sion Eltnam Atlasia
Sion 1
Sion 2
Sion 3

Operator Girl Hisui Concept Design
Operator Girl Hisui Final Design
Hisui Panic

Shiki Tohno
Shiki 1
Shiki 2

Altrouge Brunestud
Preliminary Design 1
Preliminary Design 2
New Concept Design 1
New Concept Design 2
Altrouge Brunestud Final Design
Re-Altrouge FINAL PLUS(Mark VI)

Magical Caren
Magical Caren 1

Doll Wars

General Concept Art
Rough Sketches 1
Rough Sketches 2

Once Upon a Time

Agent Hood
Agent Hood Concept Design

Agent Alice
Prototype Alice Design
New Age Alice 1
New Age Alice 2

Samurai Princess Chronicles(Temporary Name)

Samurai Princess
Design 1
Design 2
Design 3


Lolita Fashion
Guro Lolita
Classical Erotic Guro Hybrid Lolita
Punk Lolita
Bunny Themed Wa-Lolita for 2011

Halloween ’09
Colour Scheme 1
Colour Scheme 2
Colour Scheme 3

Keycode: Persona – Himekawa Kyou
Mock ‘Box Art’ – Tribute to Persona 3

Kyou in Argyle Sweater
Kyou in Casual Clothes
More Kyou in Casual

Pokemon Bug Gym Leader
Scizor Painting
Experimental Girl Painting
‘Soap Like’ Girl


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  1. hey i like the drawings. and u kno wats funny? my middle name is miori. and the character is kool too. nice. (^_^)

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