1920s RPG

New RPG idea, set not strictly in the 1920s but more like an alternate fantasy-ish world that is modelled after 1920s… Chicago probably. Wherever the hell there were lots of mafia and gangs and crap involving drum fed Thompson submachine guns and lots of fedoras. It will be an FPS/TPS RPG.

Setting and General Gist

The idea is that there is an ethereal world which is completely unlike ours. It is generally just a sea of intelligence where information kinda just swirls around endlessly. This world lies parallel to our physical world and occasionally rifts open up between them and they tend to effect each other. The laws of our reality get bent by their world, which causes things like unexplainable natural disasters and UFO sightings and other sorts of supernatural events. In reverse, our world causes individual consciousness to emerge within theirs.

These individuals generally lie dormant within their world. Since its just a sea of intelligence, there isn’t anything to do essentially. But through these rifts, they can sometimes flow into our world in the form of spiritual entities. These spiritual entities are generally harmless, at most being poltergeists. But if they should by chance enter a human being and gain access to his intelligence, they thus understand the world they have come into and truly awaken, building their own individuality. Sometimes they remain as mere alter egos or second personalities, brushed off by most people as mere dissociative disorder.  Other times they manifest themselves in much greater capacities. Since they come from the ethereal world, they cause a connection between the two worlds. And since the other world flowing into our world causes reality to be warped, these beings can essentially perform magic.

The beings that can perform magic have been explained by humanity to be demonic possession, the voice of god amongst other things. These beings can either be benevolent or malicious.

This ethereal world can more or less be compared to the Fade of Dragon Age or rather, the Warp of Warhammer. Except its like a more ambiguous version and less DEMONS EVERYWHERE.

As for how humanity deals with all this, they either try to brush it off with some kinda coincidental scientific basis or just use the usual IT WAS A DEMON or IT WAS GOD crap. But really, nobody knows how it really works and got it all wrong. Even the spirits aren’t too bloody sure on how it all works, having kinda awoken utilizing our intelligence. So they are kinda just… I CAN MAKE THIS GUY THROW FIREBALLS I MUST BE A DEMON. Or I CAN MAKE THIS GUY HEAL PEOPLE I AM GOD.


The game takes place in one of these 1920s ish cities. The only order are a bunch of warring gangs. They maintain order of their own turf and try to expand their territory. Some of the possessed with magical powers exist in this city and have gathered under a gang. This gang kinda does occultish things, sacrificing people and rituals and crap like that. Which generally doesn’t do shit, but the possessed think they do and it kinda causes them to manifest new powers. They could essentially tap into those powers if they tried hard enough to develop their powers or thought about how to manipulate it, but the power to fuck with reality is a very fickle thing and so is the placebo effect. By this blood sacrifice I shall call a meteor onto your head! Thus it works.

Underneath though is the Church. They have agents hidden in all the gangs essentially and only care to dispose of ‘demons’. So they kinda manipulate the other gangs to attack the demon gang, or send out their own killing teams and put the blame on the other gangs instead. The Church here on the surface is kinda like today’s Christianity somewhat, but underneath they have like armies at their disposal. They also have their own possessed personnel, although rather than being called possessed they are more like the chosen ones, spoken to by god or reincarnations of saints and other crap. Since they were justified like such and the spirits kinda awoken into such an environment, they too believe it to be true.


So you play as one of these spirits that just awoken in the world. But rather than possessing someone, you’ve kinda… displaced somebody instead. Your host was a random bum kidnapped by a gang who dabbles in the occult to be sacrificed. So your host basically got turned into swiss cheese by a machinegun and dropped down a pit along with a whole lot of other people. And then they left the corpse pile to rot for a day before setting it on fire and you simply awoke. The shock of getting shot essentially caused your host to ‘die’ although the body didn’t really get hit anywhere critical and was fit for living in, and by mere coincidental chance(or the sacrifice spot was actually atop one of these rifts between the two worlds), you just took over that body. So you are like buh what I’mma get up and fuck off.

But on the way out through a tutorial stage, you get spotted. You realize you can regenerate light wounds(magic happening caused by survival instinct, justifies regenerating health formula whoopee) and you can immolate people(holy fuck those guys are shooting me I need to do something! Then magic happens). Then you escape, the city is out in your face so you set off to do whatever you want. To give the player a bit more direction, you’ll probably get a main quest along the lines like find out about the people that put holes in you. Then further on you can deviate, ignore them, join them, destroy the city, whatever.

Clothing System

People judge you by what you wear. Think Fallout: New Vegas where you can wear faction clothing. But more depth than just OH MY GOD YOU ARE NCR I AM CAESAR I SHOOT YOU.

You start off dressed like a bum. You try to walk into a bar and they are going to kick you out. So you can like, find a more fortunate drunk guy that has collapsed somewhere, drag him off into an alley and take his clothes. Or break into an empty house and get better clothes, and like get a shower so you look even better.

But like you dress too damn nice and start like strutting around slums and shit, people are going to look at you funny and even mark you out as a target to mug.

The gangs will probably have uniforms if you wanna get associated with them or infiltrate them. And they will come with their own pros and cons. People will fear you in certain areas. Some people might wanna kill you. Go into the wrong turf and you’ll most likely be shot at.

Equipment and Appearances

Weapons will be WW2 sorta guns. But mostly be pistols and SMGs. Also there will be melee weapons like knives, lead pipes and the like. Usual stuff. Some are concealable, some are not.

The idea is that the weapons you have on your body will affect how people deal with you. Like you can’t really hide a rifle or an SMG(unless its one of those really mini ones I guess), so you’ll have to like have it slung on your back or something. People will generally be scared and try to avoid a guy who has a weapon out in the open, but you will like attract negative attention from the gangs policing the area. Like what is a random dope packing heat in the open doing on our turf?

To conceal bigger weapons, you will need like a suitcase or something. So you can carry a suitcase around, which can contain like an alternate set of clothes maybe along with a bigger gun and ammo. Like maybe you need to assassinate someone, bring along a disassembled rifle to an empty lot and snipe somebody, pack it back up. Or you need to shoot up somebody in a bar, but shooting your way in tends to be a bad idea. Bring along your smg in a case, take it out in the toilet or something, come out and shoot who needs to be shot possibly in different clothes even(maybe pin the blame on another gang). In the chaos, go pack your shit and leave.

Will probably be complicated but you could like do a lot with it.

Magic and Appearances

Basically, explode too many heads with magic and you will attract attention. The church will start investigating and looking into your ass. The demon gang will too.

And like you could potentially use this to your advantage. Go throw some fireballs in the turf of a demon gang, probably near their hideouts. The church starts targeting that place. Whee.




I’ll leave it there for now. Still need to sort this shit out better.


~ by depleted on February 6, 2011.

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